Free Services


We will take our time to guide you through your website as well as do a backend tutorial for those who require a backend access and be independent but it is not a problem to leave all the admin work to us.


After creating your email accounts, we will remotely configure them on your preferred mail client on your computer. Phone configurations require physical meet ups so we can configure it in to your device. Alternatively, we can do written or telephonic guide to setup your mail on your hand held device.


If you already have a website and hosting it elsewhere but you are unhappy for whatever reason then you can jump over to our side through a FREE service we offer, known as WEBSITE MIGRATION. Feel free to contact us so we can migrate your website to us and enjoy a wonderful customer service and get that value for your money you have been missing out on. Please note that you will need backend access to your website to allow us to get the website files from it. You can ask your current host to assist on that end.

Hear It From Our Clients

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